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Many volunteers, from Israel and the world, are involved in the activities of the Kama association, among them.
Young people in a year of service or national service, students and host families
The Kama association welcomes any initiative for volunteering and does everything in its power to do so. That the volunteers will feel part of the extended family of the Kama association and Kibbutz Harduf

Volunteers from abroad
Every year, young volunteers from abroad come to Beit Elisha, some of them as part of a year of service. The volunteers live in Hardorf and integrate into the work with the members in the workshops and at home. They receive a group and personal accompaniment program, a new cultural experience and a deepening in the therapeutic field.

A year of service and national service
Every year, over 20 high school graduates from all over the country come to Kemah as part of a year of service or national service. During the year they stay in Harduf, the young people integrate into the activities of Beit Elisha and the Tovia boarding school, live in a commune and lead a social life, independent as a group. The members of the service year are an integral part of the team at Kema and participate in the team meetings on a regular basis. The service year volunteers act as “big brothers” to the boarding school students of Beit Tovia, accompanied by the professional staff. They take part in training, help with homework, take initiatives. cultural activities, accompanying the trainees to the classes and helping with the maintenance of the houses at Beit Elisha. The volunteers of the service year are integrated and involved in all areas of the members’ lives: helping in the houses, working alongside the members in the workshops, and participating in the leisure and cultural activities.

During their stay in Hardorf, volunteers of the year of service and national service receive a regular weekly enrichment day, which includes lectures and meetings with education and therapy personnel, therapeutic work. Individual and group conversations to address questions and difficulties

Educators and assistants in Tovia
The mentors and helpers are adult volunteers from Hardorf and the area, who donate their time and energy for the benefit of personal tutoring for Tovia children in their free time or individual assistance for children who need educational support. The volunteers contribute between an hour and several hours a week, and they are in contact with the parents of the homes and the social workers, and function as part of the envelope that supports the children.

Students in practical training
Among the volunteers there are also social work and special education students who choose: to work at Beit Tovia as part of their training program in the various fields of care. Social work, psychosocial therapy, art therapy and play therapy. The volunteers are accompanied by the therapeutic agents at the boarding school and are integrated into the treatment program

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