Accommodation and tour at Kamah

Meetings and tours for groups

Conferences and events at the Kamah association

a unique and inspiring experience refreshments and tours for groups, Conferences and events at the Kamah Center Meetings and tours on the topics of the healing community, social integration and healing education. Suitable for professionals from the fields of education, welfare, care and medicine, high school students, preparatory schools, years of service, as well as groups of tourists from Israel and abroad interested in value social tourism. The visits will be coordinated according to the needs of the group with adjusted emphases and times.

To coordinate a visit, contact the community relations director of the association: | 052-8377915

Accommodation and tour

  • Refreshments
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Meeting rooms for rent
  • Assembly Hall
  • Conversation and video about the association’s activities
  • Tours in Tuvia and Beit Elisha
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