Kamah association

The association exists as part of the life of Kibutz Harduf community.
 Full social integration at the heart of the work.

The Kamah association was founded in the early 1990s and exists as part of the vision of a kibbutz Harduf by social action –
Therapeutic in the fields of education, rehabilitation, medicine, arts and agriculture.

The Kamah association is a home of education and care by life at home and in the community in the spirit of the anthroposophical approach.

Pupils of the Tuvia boarding school and members of Beit Elisha receive a professional educational and therapeutic response adapted to their special needs, live in the heart of Kibbutz Harduf and are integrated into the social and cultural activities.

The integrating community – its purpose is to cultivate the healthy nucleus that exists in each person for development and meaning, even when the social, physical or mental conditions limit or make it extremely difficult the human meeting of the patients, the team and the community. Enables a journey of growth and development for everyone.

The high-quality team consists of members of the Kibutz, external professionals and volunteers, including national service and a year of service.

The Kamah Staff

Director of Tuvia Boarding School - Itai Levy

Resident of Harduf, with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in clinical criminology, worked in various organizations that treat at-risk youth. Centralized non-formal education in the pursuit. Managing the Tuvia boarding school since May 2022.

Director of Beit Elisha - Dror Wolfensohn

Resident of Kibbutz Harduf. A graduate of Curative Eduaction seminar as well as other seminars in Anthroposophy. Holds a Master’s degree in Political Science. He has been working at Beit Elisha since 2012 in various positions; the head of a home for people with special needs, human recourse and the weekly enrichment studies for the members. Managing Beit Elisha since January 2024.

Executive Director of the Kama Association - Chaya Miller

Resident of Kibbutz Harduf and mother of three. Clinical psychologist with a master’s degree from the University of Haifa. Over the years worked as an instructor, house mother and director of the Tuvia Boarding School.
In May 2022, began managing the Kamah association.

Director of the workshop center - Orly Bachar

Resident of Kibutz Ramot Menashe and a mother. Holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management. Worked in educational teams as a youth guide and Managed a Hostel for people with special needs. Manages the workshop center since February 2024.

Administrative Manager - Ofri Eilat

Member of Kibutz Yifat mother of three, holds a BA in social sciences and human resources, graduated in naturopathy studies, has been working at Kamah since 2007.

Secretary of the association - Tzipi Yakir

Human Resources - Noga Hon

A resident of Emek Yzra’el, Has a BA in psychology and
special education from the University of Haifa
and a master’s degree with honors in work studies (focusing on human
resource management, labor relations and organizational change) from Tel Aviv University. She has rich experience in human resources from organizations from diverse fields (kibbutzim and communities, agriculture, industry, food and more), Manages the human resources field in the association since 2017.
At the same time – Human Resources Manager of the Yzreel Valley Farms and the Valley Enterprises.

Resource development - Irit Shachar

Resident of Shimshit, Holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and East Asian studies and a master’s degree in public administration from Tel Aviv University. Worked in the public sector and in local and international third sector organizations and managed the workshop center.

Board of Directors

The Kamah Association is led by a board of lay leaders. The board meets
approximately five times a year. Its members are extremely involved in
all matters of the association, and in their public roles they focus on
supervising and maintaining the orderly economic and legal operations
of the Kamah Association.

Zeev Ritz, Association Chairman: A resident of Hoshaaya,
an electronic engineer by profession, a project manager at Rafael
with a rich past of managing high-tech enterprises and organization in

Prof. Israel Doron: A resident of Gilon in the Western Galilee, Israel is a
legal expert and senior lecturer at the University of Haifa on civil rights
and underprivileged populations.

Liora Pinski: A resident of Alon Alon Hagalil, a tour guide and a member of the Gevatron Chorus. 
 She is a social and cultural activist in various endeavors.
Rami Nisan: resident of Ramat Yishai, an experienced organizational
consultant and a co-executive director of ‘Sgoolot’.
Holds a BA in Education and Sociology and Master’s degree in Social

Yael Paz: Harduf resident, holds two degrees in social sciences and social work, specializes in family and couple therapy and accompanying personal processes. Team member and conducts at Tal Hama –Therapeutic Center for Cancer patients  and patients with Chronic Diseases.

Limor Regev: A resident of Nahalal, holds a master’s degree in
management and public policy from the University of Haifa. An activist
and social entrepreneur in the public field, businesses mentor in
the epreneurship and philanthropy. Member of the board of directors
of the Mishlev Nursing Home in Afula and the U-Turn Association for the
Integration of Released Prisoners in sociaty.

Yhudit Mendelbom
: A resident of Hoshaya, drama therapist instructor
and counselor with a master’s degree in therapy. Specializes in working
with populations at risk and exclusion.

Yiftach Alon, Internal Auditor: Internal Auditor- Lives in Kibbutz Ein
Shemer. An accountant by profession and an internal auditor, he has accompanied kibbutzim and associations for over 20 years.

Leon Smith, Association Accountant: Leon works for the Brit Pikuach
accounting firm.

Auditing Committee: Professor Gil Bar-Sela:: director of oncological and Hematology at Emek Medical Center in Afula.

Gonen Hochberg: a teacher and educator at the Harduf waldorf High

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