Beit Elisha

Beit Elisha - a home in nature for people with special needs

In Beit Elisha life is rich and full of activities, meetings and many human connections.

The emphasis in Beit Elisha is placed on The social therapy .Members life is inclusive Employment, health services, therapy, class activities, leisure and culture.  life in homes located in the heart of Kibbutz Harduf in the lower Galilee. From the support section of Beit Elisha, members of the community express their results and skills.

 “Beit Elisha” was founded in 1995 by Zohar and Yizhar Blaiweiss, members of Kibbutz Harduf from an anthroposophic therapeutic perspective : the cultivation of the healthy core that exists in every person, the acceptance of difference and its integration into the community.

From a pioneering group of five members, the community grew to eighty members who currently live in Harduf and its branches in Tivon, Kibbutz Merav and Kibbutz Ein Hanatziv.
The member population consists of women and men over the age of 21, who are referred to live in the community by the Disability Management Division of Ministry of Welfare. Since Beit Elisha is defined as a ” Multiple disabilities” there are people from the rehabilitation division, Intellectual disability, autistic, head injured and those with various syndromes. The level of functioning is moderately high

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Beit Elisha has seven houses, in each of which live between 7-10 people. Together with the house staff, they wake up every morning to a joint circle, a nutritious breakfast, and go to work for the day at the center the workshops. When they return from work and after the afternoon break, they get up for a tea ceremony and go to a varied class activity. At the end of the afternoon activity, we return to prepare dinner in the homes. In the evening there is a community activity or house talks and personal time. The members go to the family home once every three weeks, during the long Israeli holidays and during summer vacations.

Team for each group in Beit Elisha, there is a team of 2 house coordinators, who are responsible for the members and take care of all their needs. There are two instructors and two volunteers for a year of service/national service and a social security. The team meets regularlyto observe and learn from Every company and member, to help and give answers to the challenges in his life. These processes are done in connection with the family the member. The age range and the range of abilities are the group’s tools as a therapeutic element. This is the basis of all therapy that follows.

Care and therapies

Beit Elisha has medical and psychiatric services. Dentistry takes place in a clinic that specializes in treating people with Special needs, tests and treatments in professional clinics are always accompanied by a team. We place emphasis on the physical health of the companies and the members and are careful about physical activity and a healthy diet. House of Elisha Supervised by the Ministry of Welfare in everything related to the members’ menu, and accompanied by a dietitian on his behalf. Two physiotherapists Accompany and take care of the household members and give training to the teams. In an array of therapies, each member receives a session dedicated only to him. This is a moment of personal development and empowerment. There are therapies Classics from anthroposophical medicine: healing eurythmy, rhythmic massage and lubrication, painting, drama and speech design. and many other therapies: therapeutic cycling, music therapy, animal therapy,
psychology, communication clinics, Psychotherapy, soft bone and more.

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