Kamah - Curative Community at Harduf

Home for people with special needs & Therapeutic Dormitory for children and youth at Risk

Making a difference

Beit Elisha

A Home for people with special needs

Located in the pastoral environment of Kibbutz Harduf,  Beit Elisha serves as a home and supportive framework for adults with a variety of special needs and disabilities.

Through Kamah’s unique curative program,
residents are empowered to improve their abilities, achieve independence, and discover their initiative and creative capacities.

The Workshop Center

Daily employment

Vocational training and work in a variety of productive and creative workplaces for people with special needs.

Special emphasis is given to the personal preferences and talents of each individual  as part of a complete therapeutic process.


Therapeutic Dormitory

Tuvia is a warm and rehabilitative home for 70 at-risk children and youth (6-18) with a unique,family and community oriented character. 


Come visit The Kamah Center


Be part of our community life

  • year of service
  • National Service
  • Volunteers abroad
  • students
  • pensioners
  • host families


Join Kamah's support circle

Join the circle of support and make a difference...

  • Personal and group therapies
  • leisure activities
  • Essential equipment
  • Support Tuvia’s graduates
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