House on the gilboa

Beit Bagalboa is a home for women with special needs
from a religious background in Kibbutz Merav.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its establishment, Kibbutz Merav decided to establish a social project and joined the Kama association and the ‘Beit Elisha’ team as partners in the journey.

This is how a house was established in Gilboa, which integrates the women of the house into the life of the kibbutz.

The house operates with the full support and cooperation of the Kama association.

The women of ‘Haouse on theGilboa’ live independent and full lives, eachaccording to her abilities and needs, and receive an in-depth treatment process and a warm and supportive environment: The morning hours are dedicated to work in the workshops which constitute significant and therapeutic employment: baking, sewing, ceramics and mosaics. Also, integrated in the grocery store and the
kindergartens in the kibbutz.
During leisure hours there is an impressive and diverse array of leisure
activities, individual treatments and therapy.
The home is managed by professionals, residents of Kibbutz Merav and the entire kibbutz community shares it. Many kibbutz.
members contribute their time and skills to ‘Beit Be Gilboa’ by teaching classes and classes, hosting the rehabilitated and
integrating them in various ways into the life of the community. The staff and housewives have all the local community services at
their disposal: a clinic, a synagogue, a grocery store, a library and a
community center.

Phone: 04-9058730

Beit Ahia and the house in Gilboa create collaborations between them that expand the social circle for them, and meet for joint classes, trips, mutual visits, studies and more.

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