The therapeutic boarding school 'Tuvia' is a warm home for children and youth at risk from all over the country.

Established in 1993, the Beit Tuvia therapeutic dormitory is a warm and rehabilitative home for children and youth from throughout Israel defined by the social services system as requiring out-of-home care and who were removed from their families.

Beit Tuvia uses a holistic approach that focuses on the whole personality of the children and their healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual development. 

Tuvia was established by Rina and Reuven Shaliv, Simcha and Zvika Schory in 1993.

Community life in Tuvia

There are 6 family homes in Tuvia, each serving a different age group: elementary, middle school and high school.                                                                                   

In each family house, 12 children live with staff that provides 24/7 significant therapeutic support and care, accompanying the children all day long: upon waking up in the morning, school, health care, meal time, leisure activities, bedtime and night. The children are supported and encouraged throughout the day in a range of activities and programs designed to help them succeed academically, emotionally, and socially.                                                                                  

We do our best to cultivate the relationship with the families of the children and in cases where the children cannot go home for Shabbat with their parents, the children stay here with us throughout the year.

The process of growth and maturation

With the intention of creating a curative family experience, Tuvia deploys the family group home model. The family group home, provide feelings of security and stability, and the family dynamics that take place in the common space allows everyone to share everyday events, leisure activities, and confronting difficulties. This framework does not pretend to replace the biological family, but rather to provide the positive, nurturing, and supportive conditions the original family unit was unable to grant. Contact with the original family is very carefully maintained through home visits, weekends with the family every three weeks, parents days etc.

In the Teenager’s House We place strong emphasis during these years on acquiring practical, independent life skills; preparing for army service; and assisting students as they take their first steps as independent citizens working to integrate into society. 


Acceptance of trainees

The trainees are referred to us by the welfare services throughout the country.
The family’s social worker. 
If there is an initial match, the candidate child is invited with his family and a social worker 
for a visit, after which all concerned can make a decision.

At holidays

Not all boarding school children have a place to travel to during vacations and weekends.
Our dedicated team is committed to them all year round, . But those children will always be happy to come to a warm house outside the boarding school during the vacation.
In this context, we locate good families who are interested in being accompanying families for those children who host them during part of the  vacations. The bonds that are formed are often brave and beautiful bonds that both parties enjoy.

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